Blessing of the Animals – October 5, 2014 Feast of Saint Francis


Sunday, October 5 at 4 pm
In the Gesthemane Garden

St. Francis of Assisi, an Italian monk who died 783 years ago, may be the most celebrated Christian voice to affirm the moral worth of animals. According to stories, he often spoke of humans’ sacred relationship with other animals, and addressed those around him as “brother hare” or “my sisters, the birds.” (When he was especially tired or achey, he also called his body “Brother Donkey”!)

In honor of his feast day which takes place this week, we join with churches around the world in offering a Blessing of the Animals at 4 pm on October 6. Bring your dogs, cats, hamsters, ferrets, parrots, parakeets, canaries, lizards, chameleons, garden snakes and other friendly pets to this special service of blessing.

Sunday, October 5, 4 pm in the Gesthamene Garden.

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